Russian warship Nadezhda

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The Russian warship Nadezhda (Russian: Надежда, "hope") was a three-masted sloop-of-war frigate, commonly called "frigate Nadezhda" in Russia. It was built in London in the spring of 1800 as a 425-ton sloop named HMS Leander, sold to Russia in 1803, renamed to Nadezhda and took part in the first Russian circumnavigation under Krusenstern [1]

It had 58-member crew and 16 guns.[2]

It was owned by Russian-American Company (RACo). As part of its circumnavigation, it delivered RACo cargo to Kamchatka and the first Russian embassy under Nikolai Rezanov to Japan. [2]

In 1808 Nadezhda was chartered by an American merchant D. Martin to transport RACo cargoes from Kronstadt to New York. During the trip, in December it became ice-locked near Denmark and perished.[2]

The frigate name was the namesake of a gulf and a strait in the Okhotsk Sea, four capes in the Japan Sea and the Tatar Strait, and the island (Sitka County, Alaska) in the Pacific Ocean.[2]


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