HMS Anne (1915)

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Career (United Kingdom)
Name: HMS Anne
Builder: Rickmers shipyard, Bremerhaven, Germany
Launched: 1911
Acquired: August 1914
Commissioned: 4 August 1915
Decommissioned: 8 August 1917
Fate: Returned to merchant service 1922
General characteristics
Displacement: 7000 tons normal
Length: 367 ft (112 m) pp
Beam: 47.5 ft (14.5 m)
Propulsion: 1 shaft Triple Expansion
Speed: 10 knots
Armament: 1 x 12 pdr (76mm)
Aircraft carried: Two seaplanes

HMS Anne was a seaplane carrier during World War I, converted from a German merchantman.

The merchant ship Aenne Rickmers was built by the Rickmers shipyard of Bremerhaven in 1911. On the outbreak of war, she was seized whilst in Port Said, Egypt and was requisitioned for service under the Red Ensign in January, 1915. Equipped with two seaplanes, she operated in the Mediterranean, before being torpedoed by a Turkish torpedoboat off Smyrna on 11 March 1915.

Following repairs, the Aenne Rickmers was commissioned in the Royal Navy on 4 August 1915 and renamed HMS Anne the next day. She continued to serve in the Eastern Mediterranean until 8 August 1917, when she decommissioned, although she continued as a stores carrier and collier in government service until January 1919.

She was sold back into mercantile service in 1922.


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