Arno (ship)

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The Arno, was a 1,825 ton, iron sailing ship with a length of 270.7 feet, breadth of 39 feet and depth of 22.5 feet. She was built by Charles Connell & Company, Glasgow for the Nourse Line, named after the Arno River in central Italy which flows past Florence and Pisa to the Mediterranean Sea, and launched on 19 January 1893. She was primarily used for the transportation of Indian indentured labourers to the colonies. Details of some of these voyages are as follows:

Destination Date of Arrival Number of Passengers Deaths During Voyage
Fiji 23 July 1900 627 n/a
Trinidad 15 March 1901 656 9
Fiji 4 September 1903 634 n/a
Fiji 3 May 1904 631 n/a
Trinidad 24 November 1906 627 15

In 1896 she was grounded at West Hartlepool, inward bound under tow from Bremen.

The Arno was sold to Norwegian owners in 1910. On 10 October 1913 she left Fredrikstad for Pernambuco and went missing.

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