Bez 2 Trailer Sailer

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Current Specifications
Crew 2
LOA 4.17 m (13.7 ft)
Beam 1.87 m (6 ft 2 in)
Hull weight 250 kg (550 lb)

The Bez 2 is a Trailer Sailer dinghy.[1] In July 2005, the Bez 2 was involved in an accident in which two people died, the Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) made a subsequent report on the matter, which concluded that the dinghy does not meet stability and buoyancy requirements. The dinghy has since been taken off the market.[2]

Performance and History

Unusually for a dinghy, the Bex 2 has an enclosed cockpit, making it appear like a small sailing yacht. The boat is only 4.17m in length, making it no longer than a typically dinghy, despite the fact that it weighs 250kg.[1]

In July 2005 the Bez 2 was involved in an accident in which a grandfather, Bill Tinsley, and his grandson, Ben Tinsley, died of hypothermia.[3] The accident happened off Puffin Island, North Wales. The boat was occupied by the owner, Ben Tinsley, his son, Jason Tinsley, and his two grandsons. The boat capsized in a Force 5-6. The owner's son successfully righted the boat twice, however, both times the boat capsized, and eventually the owners son and the two children were forced to sit aboard the upturned hull. The owner died about 10 minutes after the initial capsize. The boat was spotted later by a fishing boat, and the children were taken to hospital, the youngest, Ben Tinsley, was pronounced dead upon arrival. The RNLI recover the owners son.[2]

The subsequent Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) report on the incident concluded that the ship did not meet stability and buoyancy requirements,[2] and it has since been removed from the market.[3]


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