French ship Borée (1805)

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the Achille
Scale model of the Achille, sister-ship of the Borée, on display at the Musée de la Marine in Paris
Career (France) French Navy Ensign
Name: Borée
Namesake: Boreas
Ordered: 4 January 1803
Builder: Toulon
Laid down: 19 August 1803
Launched: 27 June 1805
Struck: 1828
General characteristics
Class and type: Téméraire class ship of the line

2 966 tonnes

5 260 tonnes fully loaded
Length: 54 metres
Beam: 14.3 metres
Draught: 6.7 metres
Propulsion: Up to 2 485 m² of sails
Complement: 678 men

74 guns:

16 x 8-pdr long guns
4 x 36-pdr carronades
Armour: Timber

The Borée was a Téméraire class 74-gun ship of the line of the French Navy.

Designed on plans by Sané updated by Maillot, she was the prototype of a new variant of the Téméraire class designed to have a smaller draught, allowing the production of ships of the line is the shallow harbour of Anvers.

As the construction of Borée was delayed, that of Pluton caught ahead, and Borée was retro-fitted the improvements introduced on Pluton.

Under Captain Sènes, she was part of Baudin's squadron attempting the supply Barcelona from Toulon in October 1809. Chased by a British squadron under Collingwood, and sailing with Pauline, she managed to repell and escape HMS Tigre and HMS Leviathan, and returned to Toulon after Amélie joined up.

She stayed there until 1828, when she was struck and broken up.

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