HMAS Doomba

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HMAS Doomba in 1942
HMAS Doomba in 1942
Career (United Kingdom)
Name: HMS Wexford
Builder: William Simons & Co, Renfrew United Kingdom
Launched: 1919
Commissioned: 1919
Decommissioned: 1921
Fate: Sold into mercantile service, later acquired by RAN
Career (Australia)
Name: HMAS Doomba
Acquired: 4 September 1939
Commissioned: 25 September 1939
Decommissioned: 13 March 1946
Fate: Converted to an oil lighter in 1947 and scuttled in 1976
General characteristics (RAN service)
Class and type: Hunt class minesweeper
Displacement: 750 tons gross
Length: 231 feet (70 m)
Beam: 28 feet 6 inches (8.69 m)
Draught: 16 feet 6 inches (5.03 m)
Speed: 17 knots (31 km/h)
Armament: 1 x 4 inch gun, 1 x Bofors 40 mm, 1 x Oerlikon 20 mm, 2 x Lewis Gun, 2 x Vickers MG, 51 depth charges
Notes: Ship characteristics from Straczek[1]

HMAS Doomba was a Royal Australian Navy (RAN) warship of World War II. She was built for the British Royal Navy as the Hunt class minesweeper HMS Wexford, entering service in 1919. She was decommissioned from the RN in 1921 and sold to the Doomba Shipping Company. After being converted to a cruise ship and renamed Doomba, she entered mercantile service in 1923 and was used to carry tourists between Brisbane and Bribie Island.[2] In this role she could carry 1500 passengers and was also used as a flagship for regattas.[3]

Doomba was requisitioned by the RAN on 4 September 1939 and purchased in June 1940. During her service with the RAN Doomba was first used as an auxiliary mine sweeper and later an auxiliary anti-submarine vessel. She was decommissioned from the RAN on 13 March 1946 and sold on 3 February 1947.[1] She was converted to a linseed oil lighter in 1947 and, on 9 December 1976, was scuttled off Dee Why.[2][4]


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