HMS Dreadnought (1654)

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Career (England) Royal Navy Ensign
Name: Torrington
Ordered: December 1652
Builder: Henry Johnson, Blackwall Yard
Launched: early 1654
Renamed: HMS Dreadnought, 1660
Fate: Foundered 1690
General characteristics [1]
Class and type: Speaker-class frigate
Tons burthen: 738.6 long tons (750.5 t)
Length: 116 ft 8 in (35.6 m) (keel)
Beam: 34 ft 6 in (10.5 m)
Depth of hold: 14 ft 2 in (4.3 m)
Propulsion: Sails
Sail plan: Full rigged ship
Armament: 52 guns (at launch); 62 guns (1677)

Torrington was a 52-gun Third rate ship of the line, built under the 1652 Programme for the navy of the Commonwealth of England by Henry Johnson at Blackwall Yard, London, and launched in 1654. She was named for the Parliamentarian victory at the Battle of Torrington in 1646. After the Restoration in 1660, she was renamed HMS Dreadnought. By 1677 her armament had been increased to 62 guns.[1]

After an active career in both the Second Dutch War and Third Dutch War, the Dreadnought foundered at sea in October 1690.[1]


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