HMS Hobart (1794)

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Career (UK) Royal Navy Ensign
Name: HMS Hobart
Launched: 1794
Acquired: Captured on 21 October 1794
Fate: Sold on 23 February 1803
General characteristics
Class and type: 18-gun sloop
Tons burthen: 340 bm
Armament: 18 guns

HMS Hobart was a 18-gun sloop of the Royal Navy. She was formerly the French privateer La Revanche, which was captured by Captain Edward Pakenham aboard HMS Resistance in the Sunda Strait, East Indies on 21 October 1794.

She served on the East Indies Station and on 1 October 1795, under the command of Captain Benjamin William Page, carried a detachment of the 52nd Regiment of Foot commanded by Captain Charles Monson, which took possession of Molletive, Ceylon. Page was commissioned as her commander in April 1796, and in December that year she passed to Commander George Astle. Commander James Hills succeeded Astle in December 1797, and he was in turn succeeded by Commander Volant Vashon Ballard in July 1798. Commander Charles Elphinstone took over in August 1799, and commanded Hobart until being succeeded by Commander Francis Stratton in June 1800. In 1801 she was under Lieutenant Robert Evans, at first in an acting capacity, until his promotion to commander in April 1802

Having spent her entire naval career in the East Indies, she was sold at Bombay on 23 February 1803.