Hired armed cutter Brave

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The Hired armed cutter Brave served the Royal Navy from 29 August 1798 until 22 May 1799 when the transport Eclipse ran her down of Beachy Head.[1] Brave, sometimes described as a lugger, had a burthen of 136 63/94 tons (bm), and was armed with 2 4-pounder guns and 10 12-pounder carronades.[1]

During her brief service with the Royal Navy her captain was Lieut. H. Guion (or Guyon). On 21 January 1799 Brave captured the Jemmy Nosten. Then on 3 March she, together with the Hired armed cutter Lord Nelson, which was under the command of the Lieut. Robert Percy, captured Baron Von Hopkin and Sverige Lycka.

On 22 April,[2] or 22 May,[1] Brave collided with the transport Eclipse. Brave's crew was saved.

On 13 September 1804 prize money for the Baron Von Hopkin and Sverige Lycka was paid.


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