Hunter 23

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The Hunter 23 is a single masted sailing dinghy made by Hunter Marine from 1985 to 1992. Early models were fitted with a swing-wing keel until 1986, when production switched to a regular cast iron wing keel.


The 23 bears design similarities to the smaller Hunter 18.5 and larger Hunter 28.5 models. The foredeck has an anchor locker which also contains the forestay. Working backwards, the foredeck gives way to the flat, subtle pilothouse. "Hunter stripes" ahead and behind of the windows give way to the gentle slope of the companionway. Steep gunwales continue the line down to the transom.


Built 1985–92
LOA 23' 3 in
LWL 19' 7 in
Beam 8'
Draft 2' 3 in
Displacement 2450 lbs
Ballast 800 lbs
Sail Area 235.5 sq ft
Mast Height 33'
Water Capacity 6 gal
Fuel Capacity NA
Aux. Power OB
Hull Speed 5.9
I 26'
J 8'6 in
P 25' 8 in
E 9'9 in
Capsize Ratio 2.37
Disp. Length Ratio T
Keel Material cast iron
Design succeeded by Hunter 23.5
Design preceded by Hunter 22

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