Laser Stratos

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Laser Stratos diagram

The Laser Stratos is an all-round cruising and racing boat built by the same company as the famous Laser Standard dinghy. It is built from fibre-glass and foam sandwich. The Laser Stratos comes in two forms, one with a keel (similar to most yachts) and one with a centreboard (like nearly all dinghies). The centreboard version is red and the keel version is blue. The Stratos is quite spacious and most of the rigging is kept out of the way. The boat can optionally be fitted with trapeze lines and an engine bracket for carrying an outboard engine.


The Stratos is 4.94 metres (16.2 ft) long, its beam is 2.00 metres (6.56 ft) and its mast height is 7.10 metres (23.3 ft).

Special features

The Stratos can be reefed in less than a minute to reduce the amount of power from the mainsail. The Stratos' Combi-Tec Mainsail includes short battens and a full-length top batten. The Stratos also has a furling jib, which means the Stratos can be fully depowered in less than 10 seconds.


The Stratos has many features that make it safe and fun to use for family day cruising. The Stratos has a unique system called SailSafe, which floods and self-drains tanks in the sides to help recover and keep the dinghy stable immediately after a capsize.

There have been questions over the safety of the trapeze lines when a boy drowned after he was caught in a trapeze line under a turtled Stratos in Hong Kong.[1]

Racing ability

Although the Stratos is mostly for cruising it is fairly competent at racing as well, with an asymmetrical spinnaker (gennaker) as well as an optional trapeze kit. The RYA 2010 PY Number for the Stratos without the trapeze kit is 1087 and with the trapeze kit is 1077.[2] This is very good considering the popular 420's PY Number is 1087, even though the 420's design is much older. The Stratos, however, lacks many of the features of purpose-built racing dinghies.

Laser Cease Production

Over the Christmas period of 2008/2009 Laser Performance announced that they are going to cease production of the Stratos Centerboard Version immediately (possibly due to the Laser Bahia), although the keel version will still be available.

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