Little Toot

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Little Toot is a children's story written by Hardie Gramatky in 1939 (ISBN 039922419X). It tells the story of Little Toot, an anthropomorphic tugboat child, who thought that work was a joke, and preferred to play around making figure 8's, and other games, that irritate the other tugboats, who call him a "Sissy". He's rejected by the tugboat community and dejectedly drifts out to sea, where he accidentally discovers a shipwrecked liner and a chance to prove his worth.

In the animated Disney version, Little Toot actually disgraces his father "Big Toot" with his childish antics, and is exiled from the harbor. There he learns that he must give up his foolishness and grow up in order to earn the respect of the other boats and of his father.

The story appeared in an animated segment of the Walt Disney Studios film Melody Time, with the story being sung by the Andrews Sisters with Vic Schoen providing the background musical score.

There was also another movie based on Little Toot released in 1992, called The New Adventures of Little Toot. It featured Sam Vincent as the voice of the title character.


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