MV Kriti Episkopi

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Name: Kriti Episkopi
Owner: Vardinoyiannis Family
Port of registry: Greece
Identification: IMO number: 8904472
General characteristics
Crew: 29

MV Kriti Episkopi is a single-skin crude oil tanker ship.


The ship was attacked by Somali pirates on the morning of 2 January 2009. The captain of the Kriti Episkopi saw the pirates and took evasive action and hailed a nearby EU ship. Pirates in 3 speedboats approached the Kriti Episkopi twice with machine guns and RPG's and tried to board. However, the pirates were driven away by the crew, who aimed high pressure fire hoses and sprayed them. While the crew was fighting off the pirates, EU aircraft took off from the nearby Taskforce 150 and arrived to help. The air support remained by the cargo ship and scared off the pirates while a frigate came to escort the ship.[1]