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The Moy , was a 1,697 ton, iron sailing ship with a length of 257.6 feet, breadth of 38.3 feet and depth of 23.2 feet. She was built by Russel & Company for the Nourse Line, named after the River Moy in northwest of Ireland and launched in May 1885. She was primarily used for the transportation of Indian indenture labourers to the colonies. Details of some of these voyages are as follows:

DestinationDate of ArrivalNumber of PassengersDeaths During Voyage
Fiji3 May 1889 677n/a
Fiji14 April 1893 467n/a
Trinidad11 December 1893627n/a
Trinidad3 December 1894 63625
Trinidad16 January 1901 611 3
Fiji1 June 1898 568n/a
British GuianaMarch 190452346

In 1888, the Moy repatriated 327 former indentured labourers from St Lucia back to India.

During her last voyage, to British Guiana, there was an incredibly high death rate with 46 deaths, and of the remainder 88 had to be sent to hospital in Georgetown. The Surgeon Superintendent's gratuity was withheld for this incident and the captain and third officer also lost part of their pay. In February 1905, on the way back to Liverpool from British Guiana she was reported as missing.

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