Poonah (ship)

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The Poonah, named after the city of Poonah in western India, was a, three masted sailing ship of 1199 tons, owned by Tyser & Haviside and was built in 1867 by William Pile at Sunderland.[1]

Trips to West Indies

She was used as an indenture ship in the West Indies, carrying 306 passengers to St. Lucia in 1885 [2] and 387 passengers to Trinidad on 22 February 1869, of whom 5 died.[3]

Trips to Fiji

The Poonah made two trips from India to Fiji. Its first arrival at Suva was on 17 September 1882 with 476 passengers onboard, and the second was on 18 June 1883, with 515 passengers. During the first trip, the Lascar crew refused to go on deck during a severe storm and the ship was almost lost, and during the second trip there was an outbreak of cholera and smallpox. There were 26 deaths during the trip from cholera and another death of one of the passengers in Fiji.[4]

Change of ownership

She was later sold and renamed Lief. Drammen [5]

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