SS Gopher State (T-ACS-4)

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SS Gopher State (T-ACS-4)
Career (United States)
Name: SS Export Leader (MA 257)
Owner: United States Maritime Administration
Operator: American Export Isbrandtsen Line
Ordered: 20 October 1970
Builder: Bath Iron Works
Laid down: 26 July 1971
Launched: 8 July 1972
In service: 22 January 1973 to 1986
Homeport: Guam
Fate: Acquired by the United States Navy
Career (United States)
Name: SS Gopher State (T-ACS-4)
Namesake: Named in honor of the state of Minnesota.
Acquired: 1986
In service: 12 October 1987 to the present
Notes: Five days needed to activate.
General characteristics
Class and type: Gopher State-class crane ship
  • 13900 tons (light)
  • 31500 tons (full)
Length: 668 ft 7 in
Beam: 76 ft 1 in
Draft: 33 ft 6 in
  • Steam turbines
  • 2 boilers
  • 1 shaft single propeller
  • 17,500 shp
Speed: 17 knots
  • 300 plus containers
  • four 30 ton capacity cranes
  • 9 civilian during Reduced Operating Status
  • 32 civilian during Full Operating Status
  • The SS Gopher State (T-ACS-4), lead ship of the Gopher State class crane ships, is a support auxiliary of the United States Navy, acting as a pre-positioning auxiliary for the United States Army and United States Marine Corps.

    SS Gopher State is named in honor of Minnesota. It was formerly known as the civilian SS Export Leader (MA 257), and was previously owned by American Export-Isbrandtsen Lines.

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