SS Mulbera

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Name: SS Mulbera
Owner: British-India Steam Navigation Company
Builder: Alexander Stephen and Sons, Glasgow, Scotland
Launched: 14 February 1922[1]
Acquired: June 1922
Fate: Sold for scrapping, 7 April 1954[1]
General characteristics
Tonnage: 9,100 gross register tons (GRT)
Length: 483 ft (147 m)
Beam: 60 ft (18 m)
Propulsion: Steam turbines, twin screws
Speed: 13.5 knots (25.0 km/h; 15.5 mph)
Capacity: 158 passengers
(78 first class, 80 second class)

SS Mulbera was a British ocean liner owned by the British-India Steam Navigation Company or "BI", built by Alexander Stephen and Sons of Glasgow, Scotland and delivered to the company in June 1922.

She sailed on the East African run which was (London to Marseilles, Port Said, Port Sudan, Aden, Mombasa, and a turnaround at Beira). She then later sailed on the Indian trade which was (London to Tangier, Malta, Port Said, Suez, Aden, Colombo, Madras, ending at Calcutta). The Beira run took thirty-days while the Calcutta run took thirty-days. In 1924 the newly-married Duke and Duchess of York (later King George VI and Queen Elizabeth) boarded her at Marseilles for their voyage to East Africa.