SS Vadala

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The SS Vadala was a 3,334-ton steamship with a length of 340 feet, breadth of 43.1 feet, and draught of 26 feet. She was built by William Denny and Company, Dumbarton, for the British-India Steam Navigation Company (B.I.S.N.) in 1890. She had quadruple expansion, 315 nhp, steam engines. She was one of the early B.I.S.N. ships to use telemotor steering gear.

She was a passenger cargo vessel, also used for the transportation of Indian indentured labourers to the colonies. On 26 March 1895 she arrived in Fiji with 747 indentured Indian labourers on-board. During the trip, the ship rolled violently and the Surgeon-Superintendent complained about his patients being thrown about below deck.

In 1913 she was sold to Inui Gomei Kaisha of Japan and renamed, KENKON MARU No. 12 . On 30 May 1928, she sank after collision with the Chinese ship SS HWACHAN about 140 miles East South East of Tsingtao.

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