Sir George Seymour (ship)

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The Sir George Seymour was one of the first four ships in 1850 to carry emigrants from England to the new colony of Canterbury in New Zealand. The other three ships were Cressy, Charlotte-Jane and Randolph.[1]


The Sir George Seymour left Plymouth Sound, England around 11am on Sunday, 8 September 1850, with about 227 passengers. She arrived in Lyttelton at 10am on Tuesday, 17 December 1850. The passengers aboard the first four ships were referred to as 'The Pilgrims'. Their names are inscribed on marble plaques in Cathedral Square in the centre of Christchurch.[2]


It is presumed that the ship was named for Sir George Francis Seymour (17 September 1787 - 20 January 1870), an Admiral who married Georgina Mary Berkeley, daughter of Admiral Sir George Cranfield Berkeley.


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