Suevia (ship)

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Suevia 1874
Career (Germany) 22x20px Germany
Name: Suevia
Owner: Hamburg America Line
Operator: Hamburg America Line
Builder: Caird & Co., Greenock, Great Britain
Completed: 1 June 1874
Commissioned: 21 October 1874
Recommissioned: 1896
Decommissioned: 1898
Fate: Collided with Commodore Bateman 1889; scrapped 1898
Notes: Operated commercially as passenger ship for the Hamburg America Line 1874-1894.
General characteristics
Type: Passenger ship
Tonnage: 3,609 gross tons
Length: 360.3 ft (109.8 m)
Beam: 41 ft (12 m)
Propulsion: Steam
Speed: 13 knots
Complement: 115

The Suevia was a passenger steamship built for the Hamburg America Line in 1874. It was assigned to transatlantic crossings between Hamburg, Germany and New York, USA and played a role in German immigration to the United States.

The 'Suevia' had accommodation for 100 first-class, 70 second-class and 600 third-class passengers. It had two masts and reached a speed of 13 knots. In 1884 it got new steam boilers and served for the Hamburg America Line 10 more years until 1894. In 1896 it was sold to Schiaffino, Nyer & Siges in Algeria and renamed Quatre Amis. After it stranded near Antwerp[1] in 1898 it was scrapped in Marseille.


On 13 April 1889 the Suevia collided in dense fog near Nantucket with the US pilot boat Commodore Bateman which therefore sank and two persons died. The Commodore Bateman was just launched in 1888[2].


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