Type 920 Hospital Ship

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Career (China)
Name: 866
Ordered: 1
Builder: CSIC (Guangzhou Shipyard International Company Limited)
Launched: 2007
Commissioned: December 22, 2008
Status: in active service, as of 2020
General characteristics
Displacement: appoximately 20,000-23,000 tons
Length: 170 metres
Beam: appoximately 25 metres
Propulsion: twin shaft diesel turbines
Complement: approximately 200 crew, 600 medical team
Aircraft carried: probably Z-8 or Ka-28
Aviation facilities: hanger

Type 920 Hospital Ship (Daishandao class or 岱山岛) is a class of Hospital Ship in the People's Liberation Army Navy of the Peoples' Republic of China.

Launched in 2007, China is one a few nations with naval floating hospitals. The single ship of the class has a pennant number 866. The ship is assigned to the East Sea Fleet and based out of Daishandao. The ship has 500 beds and 8 operating theatres.[1]. The ship is unarmed and painted white with red crosses to confirm to the Geneva Convention criteria for a civilian hospital ship.

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Other PLAN hospital ships:

  • Shichang - part time hospital ship built in 1997 as multi-role aviation training ship and reclassified as hospital ship/defense mobilization ship[3]
  • Ship 865 - converted container ship with modular medical units


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