USRC Diligence

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Career (United States)  United States
Name: Diligence
Namesake: None
Operator: Revenue Cutter Service
Launched: June/July 1792?
Commissioned: 1792?
Decommissioned: 1798
Fate: Sold 5 November 1798
General characteristics
Class and type: Schooner
Displacement: 40 Tons
Length: N/A
Beam: N/A
Draft: N/A
Propulsion: Sail
Crew: 4 officers, 4 enlisted, 2 boys
Armament: Probably ten muskets with bayonets; twenty pistols; two chisels; one broad axe.

USRC Diligence was one of the first ten cutters operated by the United States' Revenue Cutter Service (later to become the US Coast Guard).

Operational service

Diligence was built at Washington, North Carolina and was based out of New Bern after entering service in the summer of 1792. She transferred to Wilmington in October that same year. Her first commanding officer was William Cooke. In 1793, Benjamin Gardner was appointed as the first mate and James Sandy was appointed as the cutter's second mate. Little is known about her history during this time other than the fact that she was involved in the San Jose affair of 1793. The San Jose was a Spanish vessel with some gold on board as cargo; she was captured illegally by the French privateer Amiable Margaretta. Cooke and his crew seized the San Jose from the Amiable Margaretta.

In 1796 Cooke disappeared and was replaced by John Brown, who served as her commanding officer until the cutter was sold in 1798 for $310.

Commanding Officers

William Cooke, Master; 1792-1796.

John Brown, Master; 1796-1798.


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