Aagtekerke (ship)

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Name: Aagtekerke
Owner: Dutch East India Company
Launched: 1724
Fate: lost without trace in 1726
General characteristics
Displacement: 280 tons
Length: 145 feet (44 m)
Complement: 200

The Aagtekerke was a ship owned by the Dutch East India Company which was lost without trace in 1726.

It was constructed in 1724 and was 280 tons and some 145 feet long. Commanded by Jan Witboon it had a crew of 200 men.

The ship was lost between Cape Town which it left on 3 January 1726, and Batavia. There is some evidence from the crew of the wrecked ship Zeewyk that Aagtekerke may have been wrecked on the Abrolhos Islands because they found some remains of a Dutch vessel that had been wrecked before them.


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