Abana (barque)

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Abana, wrecked at Blackpool.
Name: Abana
Builder: Built at New Brunswick, Canada
Launched: 1874
In service: 1874
Out of service: December 28, 1894
Homeport: Template:Country data CAN St John, New Brunswick (1874- )
22x20px Norway ( -1894)
Status: wreck
General characteristics
Tonnage: 1,257 tons
Propulsion: Sails
Sail plan: Barque
Crew: 17

The Abana was a sailing barque wrecked at Blackpool in England on 22 December 1894.


Abana was built at St. John, New Brunswick, Canada in 1874.[1] She was originally homeported at St John, New Brunswick. By 1894, she was flying the Norwegian flag.


The Abana was sailing from Liverpool to Savello, Florida when she was caught in a storm in the Irish Sea. She was spotted at 3 pm drifting in a northwesterly direction with her sails torn to shreds. The crew mistook Blackpool Tower for a lighthouse and the ship was first spotted floundering at North Pier, and ended up drifting north and was wrecked off Little Bispham at 5 pm. Flares were fired and the lifeboat was called out. The alarm was raised by the landlord of the Cleveleys Hotel. Due to the weather conditions, the Blackpool lifeboat Samuel Fletcher had to be taken some 7 miles (11 km) overland to Bispham before it could be launched. The lifeboat had a crew of 16, and the Abana had a crew of 17, all of whom were taken on board along with the ship's dog, which belonged to Captain Danielson. This meant that the lifeboat grounded on a sandbank whilst returning to shore. Some of the crew members pushed the boat afloat and they managed to reach shore safely. All were taken to the Red Lion Inn to recover from their ordeal. The ship's bell and dog were given to the landlord of the Cleveleys Hotel, who had raised the alarm.[1][2][3]

The remains of the Abana can still be seen at low tide at Little Bispham and the ship's bell hangs in St. Andrew's Church in Cleveleys.[2] On 31 January 2008, the Riverdance beached within sight of the remains of the Abana.