Apollon (ship)

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Apollon (formerly Empress of Canada, Mardi Gras, Olympic, Star of Texas, Lucky Star, Apollo) was an ocean liner, later converted to a cruise ship, which first entered operation in 1961, and was scrapped in 2003.


Following the success of Empress of Britain in 1956 and Empress of England in 1957, the Canadian Pacific Steamship Company ordered a third vessel from Vickers-Armstrongs of Newcastle in 1958. The keel was laid down a year later, and in April 1961, Empress of Canada began her maiden voyage. Intended to make transatlantic crossings in the summer and cruising from New York to the Caribbean in the winter. Empress of Canada made a total of 121 Atlantic crossings before her sale to Carnival Cruise Lines in 1971.

Carnival purchased the vessel in 1972, becoming the company's first cruise ship. During Mardi Gras' maiden voyage, the ship ran aground on a sandbar outside the Port of Miami. Mardi Gras was operated by the company until 1993, her sale prompted by the arrival of the purpose-built Fantasy class.

The vessel was sold to Epirotiki, becoming Olympic, Star of Texas, Lucky Star and finally Apollon. In 1999 the ship was chartered to Direct Cruises for a series of cruises from the United Kingdom, during which time the vessel was known as Apollo. Direct Cruises were acquired by Airtours, and in 2000, Direct Cruises was shut down. The vessel was laid up until 2001, at which time she reappeared in service with Royal Olympic Cruises (formed by a merger of Epirotiki and Sun Lines). In 2003, Apollon was sold for scrap.

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