Aurora Australis (icebreaker)

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MV Aurora Australis
Career (Australia)
Builder: Carrington Slipways, Newcastle, Australia
Launched: 18 September 1989
In service: 30 March 1990
Homeport: Hobart
Fate: Active
General characteristics
Displacement: 3911 tonnes
Length: 94.91m
Beam: 20.30m
Draught: 7.862m

Maximum 16.8kts

Capacity: 1700 cbm for break bulk and/or containerised cargo
1 Mega litres of supply fuel tank capacity
116 passengers
Complement: 24
Aircraft carried: Up to three helicopters

The Aurora Australis is an icebreaker under the command of the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD). Designed as a multi-purpose research and resupply ship, it was built by P&O Polar and launched in September 1989.

The Aurora Australis is chartered by the AAD over the southern summer, and spends most winters in port in Hobart, Tasmania, as the AAD headquarters is in Kingston, Tasmania, near Hobart. P&O sometimes charter the ship for other work during winter.

The ship has a hangar and helideck, so can carry helicopters, normally either three Squirrels or two Sikorsky S-76s.

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Aurora Australis in Hobart

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