Australian Submarine Rescue Vehicle Remora

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The Australian Submarine Rescue Vehicle Remora (ASRV Remora) was a Remotely Operated Rescue Vehicle that was operated by the Royal Australian Navy in support of the Royal Australian Navy Submarine Service between 1995 and 2006. Remora was a 16.5 tonne submersible with the capacity to carry seven people (one operator and six survivors) and operate at depths of over 500 meters. The ASRV Remora was air transportable in C-130 Hercules transport aircraft and could deploy anywhere in Australia within 36 hours.

In December 2006 two civilian contractors were trapped in Remora for 15 hours following a failure of the submarine's winching recovery system during an exercise.[1] Remora was left on the seabed following this accident and was not recovered until April 2007.[2] As of December 2008 Remora had not re-entered service as she required millions of dollars worth of modifications to meet new safety standards. At this time the vessel was in storage at Henderson, Western Australia and the Navy was considering acquiring a new submarine rescue system.[3] Remora was replaced by the LR5 submarine rescue vehicle in June 2009.[4]


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