Dove (steamboat)

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Dove (ex Typhoon)
Name: Dove ex Typhoon
Route: Columbia River, Grays Harbor, Puget Sound
Completed: 1889 at Portland, Oregon
In service: 1889
Out of service: some time after 1916
Fate: uncertain
General characteristics
Tonnage: 196-tons
Length: 93.0 ft (28 m)[1]
Installed power: steam engine
Propulsion: propeller-drive

The steamboat Dove operated in the late 1890s and early 1900s as part of the Puget Sound Mosquito Fleet and also for a time on Grays Harbor. She was later converted into a tug. The Dove (ex-Typhoon) should not be confused with the Virginia III (ex-Typhoon).


Dove was originally built in 1889 in Portland, Oregon for ferry service under J.B. Montgomery, and launched under the name Typhoon.


In 1891, J.B. Montgomery sold Typhoon to George Emerson at Grays Harbor, who in turn sold the vessel a short time later to C.O. Lorenz, who brought her to Puget Sound and placed her on the Tacoma-Henderson Bay route. In 1903, she was acquired by Matthew McDowell, who rebuilt the vessel and placed her on the Seattle-Tacoma-East Pass route under the name Dove.

Later operations

In about 1916, McDowell sold Dove to Washington Tug & Barge Co. of Seattle, and Dove thereafter served as a tug.[2]


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