Dragonfly Trimarans

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Dragonfly Trimarans is a line of trimarans built by the Quorning Boats shipyard in Denmark.

The trimarans produced by this shipyard are characterized by a folding technology denominated "SwingWing"[1]. This allows them to use marina berths intended for monohulls and be trailerable. The smallest model, the Dragonfly 28 is even narrow enough (2.54m, just under the 2.55m legal limit in the European Union) to not need special permits. These trimarans have low draft and can be beached since both their centreboard and the rudder can be lifted.


Quorning Boats was founded in 1967 by Børge Quorning. In 1981 the company dropped the monohulls and started to produce exclusively the Dragonfly range of trimarans. These early trimarans were not foldable. In 1988-89 the “Swing Wing” system was designed and developed. It was first introduced in 1989 in the Dragonfly 800 Swing Wing, and has been used in all models since then. In 1995, Jens Quorning, son of the founder, replaced his father at the head of the company [2]. Jens' brother, Eric, runs BSI, a company which supplies parts for Quorning.In total, about 800 boats have been produced until 2007[3].

Product line

Current models

  • Dragonfly 28. This is the most recent model presented in January 2009 at the boot Düsseldorf Boat Show, Germany. It has replaced the Dragonfly 800, but the company also expects it to compete with the Dragonfly 920, since it has nearly the same interior space[4].
  • Dragonfly 920. This model exists in two versions: Touring and Extreme. The Extreme version has the same center hull as the Touring, but longer arms and floats making it wider when unfolded, which allows the use of a taller mast and bigger sails. It is approximately 15 % faster.
  • Dragonfly 35. This model is an offshore and ocean cruiser. As in the 920 two versions exist: Touring and Ultimate. The Ultimate has a taller mast and bigger sails, but the same beam as the Touring version.

Previous models

  • Dragonfly 600. Small, open trimaran with demountable floats. Only 10 were built before the model was discontinued in 1994, due to it being "too expensive to produce"[5][6].
  • Dragonfly 25 MK 1. Older smaller model, predecessor of the 800.
  • Dragonfly 800 MK I. In 1985, Erik Quorning came 1st in the Round Great Britain and Ireland race in one of these boats.
  • Dragonfly 800 MK II. A non-swingwing model predecessor of the more recent Dragonfly 800[7].
  • Dragonfly 800. This model was introduced in August 1989 and was replaced by the Dragonfly 28 in 2009. There were two versions, Cruising and Racing, differing on the size of mast and sails. About 300 were built[8].
  • Dragonfly 1000. Replaced by the Dragonfly 35.


  • Dragonfly 1000 - "Boat of The Year 1994" from Sailing World magazine
  • Dragonfly 600 - "Boat of the Year 1996" from Sailing World magazine
  • Dragonfly 1200 - "Boat of the Year 2001" award from Cruising World magazine
  • Dragonfly 1200 - Danish Design Prize 2001
  • Dragonfly 920 Extreme - “European Yacht of the Year 2004”.
  • Dragonfly 35 Ultimate - “European Yacht of the Year 2008”.[9]

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