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Elligood was a ship of 327 tons and was constructed in New Brunswick in 1793. It may have been wrecked in 1801.

The ship was subsequently registered in London in 1795. Under the command of Master Christopher Dixson, the ship sailed from London in 1800 and arrived in Cape Town on 5 May 1800 and then later King George Sound in Western Australia on 27 August 1800. The ship returned to Cape Town in May 1801 under the command of Job Anthony as it had been reported that both Dixson and nine crew had died of scurvy.

The later history of the ship is unclear. There is some suggestion by J. S. Cumpston that the ship was wrecked on King Island and the wreck was found by William Campbell, the Master of the Brig Harrington on 18 March 1802. However, Charles Bateson states that he has found evidence that the ship was described in London in 1803. Its later history is unknown. [1]


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