Finnish minelayer Pohjanmaa

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FNS Pohjanmaa
Class overview
Operators:22x20px Finnish Navy
Preceded by:Ruotsinsalmi class minelayer
Succeeded by:-
General characteristics
Type: Minelayer
Displacement: 1,450 tons
Length: 78.6 m
Beam: 11.2 m
Draught: 3.3 m
Propulsion: 2 × Wärtsilä Vasa 16V22 diesel; 4,280 kW (~5,800 hp) with propellers
Speed: 18 - 19 knots
Range: 3,500 nm (6,500 km)
Complement: 70 (120 when acting as a training ship)
Sensors and
processing systems:
Signaal DA05 radar
Philips 9LV 220 FCS
Simrad hull-mounted sonar
Electronic warfare
and decoys:
Decoy: Philax chaff and IR flares
ESM: Argo Systems radar warning system
Armament: 1 × Bofors 57 mm/70 Mk1
1 × Bofors 40 mm/70
2 × Sako twin-barrel 23 mm/87 (modified ZU-23-2)
2 × NSV 12.7 mm machine guns
2 × rails for depth charges
4 × rails for 150 mines (Sea Mine 2000)
Aircraft carried: Helicopter landing pad
Notes: Ships in class include:
FNS Pohjanmaa (01)

The Pohjanmaa class minelayer (Finnish: Pohjanmaa-luokan miinalaiva) is a minelayer in use by the Finnish Navy.

There is currently only one Pohjanmaa class vessel in service in the Finnish Navy. She is the flagship of the navy. The ship has an ice operating classification of ICE-1A so she can operate all year round.

During a crisis the main task for Pohjanmaa is mine laying and acting as a command ship. She also acts as a school ship for the Naval Academy cadets. Part of their training includes an annual cruise abroad.


The Pohjanmaa was built in 1978 at the Wärtsilä Helsinki Shipyard, Finland. She was christened on June 8, 1979 by Aili Haapkylä. The name comes from the old Sweden-Finland Pojama class of galleys built in the 1770s (see "Pohjanmaa" for other uses of the name).

The Pohjanmaa first served as a school ship for the Naval Academy until 1992 when she was transferred to the Gulf of Finland Navy (Now called Gulf of Finland Naval Command). When she was completed it replaced the minelayer Ruotsinsalmi and as a school ship the Matti Kurki. On May 10, 1982, she was given the traditional shield of ocean faring vessels previously held by Suomen Joutsen, so in effect Pohjanmaa continues the tradition of the three ships. The ship underwent a heavy modernization program in 1996-1998, which included a replacing its 120mm main gun with a more modern Bofors 57 mm antiaircraft gun.

The annual training cruise for the cadets has taken the ship as far as Belém, Brazil.

On June 28, 2005 as part of their cruise, the Pohjanmaa participated in the International Fleet Review which is a part of the Trafalgar 200 celebrations.

In 2007 the ship has been refitted (as well as the Hämeenmaa -class) and colour scheme changed from camouflage to light grey. Its second aft gun was also removed from the aft deck due to narrow shooting sectors, which were even further narrowed due to a new bigger hydraulic crane of a new seaboat.


FNS Pohjanmaa
Pennant number: 01.
Builder: Wärtsilä Helsinki Shipyard
Ordered: 1977.
Laid down: 4 May 1978.
Launched: 28 August 1978.
Commissioned: 8 June 1979.
Home base: Upinniemi.
Current status: Active.


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