Freedom Yachts

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Freedom Yachts is the maker of the Freedom (sail) and Legacy (power) yacht brands. The Freedom sailboats have unstayed rigs, meaning that the mast is freestanding and not supported by the normal set of wires called standing rigging. Garry Hoyt, a champion sailor and noted maverick, created the unstayed rigs to give "freedom" from the inefficient sail shapes of traditional sloop rigs as well as to give "freedom" from the compression and maintenance issues associated with standing rigging. The masts are made of carbon fiber and are set well forward on the boat. This means most of the sail area is contained in the mainsail. Jib sails can either be overlapping or self-tending.


PHRF handicap Based on Southern California Buoy Rating

  • Freedom 25 - PHRF 204
  • Freedom 21 - PHRF 228
  • Freedom 30 - PHRF 168
  • Freedom 38 - PHRF 132
  • Freedom 39 - PHRF 198
  • Freedom 39 PH - PHRF 138

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