French frigate Bellone (1807)

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File:Grand Port mg6974.jpg
Bellone at the Battle of Grand Port.
Career (France) French Navy Ensign
Name: Bellone
Namesake: Bellona
Ordered: 14 January 1803
Builder: Saint Malo (Ethéart company), plans by Sané
Laid down: May 1809
Launched: 1807
Commissioned: February 1779
Out of service: 4 December 1810
Career (UK) Royal Navy Ensign
Name: HMS Junon[1]
Acquired: 4 December 1810
Out of service: 1817
General characteristics
Armour: Timber

The Bellone was an 44-gun frigate of the French Navy.

She departed Saint-Malo on 18 January 1809, bound for the Indian Ocean, under Guy-Victor Duperré.

She sailed from La Réunion for a combat patrol in August 1809. On 2 November 1809, she captured HMS Victor. On 22, she captured the 48-gun Portuguese Minerva after a 2-hour battle. She sailed home with her prize, arriving on 2 January 1810.

In April 1810, the squadron comprising Bellone, Minerve and Victor departed for another patrol, during which they fought the Action of 3 July 1810 and the Battle of Grand Port.

Bellone was surrendered to the British when Île de France fell, on 4 December 1810. She was recommissioned in the Royal Navy as HMS Junon.

In June 1812, HMS Junon escorted a convoy from Portsmouth to India.

In February 1813, her boats captured the 16-gun schooner Lottery, recommissioned in the Royal Navy as HMS Canso. In June, her boats raided the James river, and she sustained attack by US gunboats.

On 3 April 1814, as she sailed with HMS Tenedos, she encountered USS Constitution, who fled at all sail, dropping drinking water and food overboard, and eventually making it to Marblehead harbour.


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