French frigate Cocarde (1794)

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Career (France) French Navy Ensign
Name: Cocarde
Ordered: 16 May 1793
Builder: Saint Malo
Laid down: August 1793
Launched: 29 April 1794
Completed: July 1794
General characteristics
Class and type: Cocarde class frigate
Type: frigate
Tons burthen: 902 tons [1]

40 guns:

Armour: Timber

The Cocarde ("Cockade") was a 40-gun Cocarde class frigate of the French Navy.

Ordered as Cocarde nationale, she was launched on 29 April 1794 in Saint Malo and commissioned in July under Lieutenant Allanic. Under Captain Quérangal, she took part in the Battle of Groix. She later took part in the Expédition d'Irlande. She was renamed Cocarde in June 1796.

In 1802, she served in the Caribean. A series of beachings damaged her direction and hull to the point where she had to be abandoned and dismantled.

Sources and references

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