French frigate Danaé (1807)

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Career (France) French Navy Ensign
Name: Danaé
Namesake: Danaë
Ordered: January 1805
Builder: Genoa, plans by Jacques-Noël Sané
Laid down: October 1805
Launched: 18 August 1807
Acquired: 14 June 1810
Out of service: 4 September 1812
Struck: 12 March 1811
General characteristics
Class and type: frigate
Length: 48.75 metres
Beam: 12.2 metres
Draught: 5.9 metres
Propulsion: Sail

44 guns
28 18-pounders

6 8-pounders
Armour: Timber

The Danaé was a 44-gun frigate of the French Navy.

On 12 March 1808, she was part of Bernard Dubourdieu's squadron sailing to raid the British commerce raider base of the island of Lissa. The squadron encountered William Hoste's frigate squadron, leading to the Battle of Lissa.

Danaé was damaged by HMS Volage and had to retreat to Lesina for repairs.

In the night of 4 September 1812, she exploded in the harbour of Trieste.

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