French frigate Favorite (1810)

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Clorinde, sister-ship of Favorite
Career (Kingdom of Italy) Flag of the Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy
Builder: Genoa
Launched: 1810
Out of service: 14 June 1810
Career (France) French Navy Ensign
Name: Favorite
Namesake: Favourite
Acquired: 14 June 1810
Struck: 12 March 1811
General characteristics
Class and type: Pallas class
Length: 46.93 metres
Beam: 11.91 metres
Draught: 5.9 metres
Propulsion: 1950 m² of Sail
Complement: 326

The Favorite was a 44-gun frigate of the Navy of the Kingdom of Italy. She was sold to the French Navy in exchange for three brigs.

On 12 March 1811, Favorite, under Bernard Dubourdieu, led a frigate squadron to raid the British commerce raider base of the island of Lissa. The squadron encountered William Hoste's frigate squadron, leading to the Battle of Lissa.

In the ensuing fight, Favorite attempted to board the British flagship HMS Amphion, distancing the rest of her squadron. As the two ships neared, Amphion discharged a howitzer full of bullets which put a large number of men out of action. Dubourdieu himself was killed at 9:10. Favorite's first officer and second officers were killed as they attempted again to board Amphion. As she sailed around Amphion in an attempt to rake her and take her in a crossfire with the other French frigates, Favorite was out-manoeuvred and ran aground.

Her crew destroyed set her on fire, and she exploded as the battle was still ongoing. Led by colonel Gifflinga, the crew of Favorite captured a coastal boat at Port St George which they used to flee to Lessina.

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