French frigate Incorruptible (1795)

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Poursuivante, sister-ship of Incorruptible
Career (France) French Navy Ensign
Name: Incorruptible
General characteristics
Class and type: Romaine class frigate
Displacement: 700 tonnes
Length: 45.5 metres
Beam: 11.8 metres
Draught: 5 metres
Propulsion: Sail

40 guns:
24 24-pounders

16 8-pounders
Armour: Timber

The Incorruptible was a Romaine class frigate of the French Navy.

On 15 July 1796, under captain Bescond, she fought against the 56-gun HMS Glatton.

In 1800, she was involved in the battle of Dunkirk.

In January 1805, she was sent to observe British movements off Toulon, along with Hortense. On 4 February, they attacked a convoy, destroying 7 ships. Three days later, they encountered the convoy escorted by the 20-gun sloop HMS Arrow and the 8-gun bomb vessel HMS Acheron; the two Royal Navy were destroyed, and 3 ships of the convoy captured.