French frigate Junon (1806)

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Career (France) Civil and Naval Ensign of France.svg
Name: Junon
Ordered: 26 March 1805
Builder: Le Havre
Laid down: March 1805
Launched: 16 August 1806
Captured: 10 February 1809
Career (United Kingdom) Naval Ensign of the United Kingdom.svg
Name: HMS Junon
Acquired: 10 February 1809
Captured: 13 December 1809
Fate: Scuttled by fire
General characteristics
Class and type: Junon class frigate
Type: frigate
Displacement: 1100 tonnes
Armament: 40 x 18-pdr long guns
Armour: Timber

The Junon was a 40-gun frigate of the French Navy, lead ship of her class.

On 10 November 1808, under capitaine de frégate Rousseau, she departed for Martinique, along with Vénus, Amphitrite, Cygne and Papillon. The squadron broke apart the next day, and she found herself isolated. At the Action of 10 February 1809, she ran across a British squadron composed of the frigates HMS Horatio and HMS Latona, and the corvettes HMS Driver and HMS Superior; Junon surrendered after a fierce resistance, and was brough into British service as HMS Junon, under John Shortland.

On 13 December 1809, she was re-taken by Clorinde and Renommée, but in so battered a state that Roquebert ordered her burnt.

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