French frigate Némésis (1847)

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File:French ships at Danang 1858.jpg
French frigate Némésis at the Siege of Đà Nẵng, Vietnam in 1858.
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Name: Némésis
Operator: French Navy
Builder: Brest Arsenal
General characteristics
Class and type: Artémise-class frigate[1]
Tons burthen: 2344 bm
Length: 52.5m (lower deck)
Beam: 13.4m
Draught: 6.1m
Depth of hold: 7.05m
Propulsion: Sail
Sail plan: Three-masted ship
Complement: 441
Armament: Nominally 50 guns.

The French frigate Némésis was an Artémise class screw-powered 50-gun second rate frigate of the French Navy in the 19th century. She was launched in 1847 at Brest, and participated in campaigns in Asia.

In 1857-1858, she was the flagship of Admiral Rigault de Genouilly during the Second Opium War,[2] and in Vietnam at the Siege of Đà Nẵng.[3]

She was used for harbour service at Lorient in 1866, and was scrapped in 1889.


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