French frigate Sensible (1788)

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A Magicienne class frigate
Career (France) French Navy Ensign French Navy Ensign French Navy Ensign
Name: Sensible
Namesake: French: "sensitive"
Ordered: 23 January 1786
Builder: Toulon
Laid down: February 1786
Launched: 9 August 1787
In service: March 1788
Captured: 28 June 1798
Career (UK) Royal Navy Ensign
Name: HMS Sensible
Fate: Wrecked on 2 March 1802
General characteristics
Class and type: Magicienne-class frigate

600 tonnes

5 260 tonnes fully loaded[citation needed]
Length: 44.2 m (145 ft)
Beam: 11.2 m (37 ft)
Draught: 5.2 m (17 ft)
Sail plan: Full rigged ship

32 guns:

Sensible was a 32-gun Magicienne-class frigate of the French Navy. She was captured by the Royal Navy in 1798 and taken in to service as HMS Sensible. She was lost in a grounding off Ceylon in 1802.

French Navy service

From November 1789, she served at Martinique under captain Durand de Braye. In September 1790, she ferried Joséphine de Beauharnais and her daughter Hortense from Martinique to Toulon.

In 1792, she took part in operations against Sardinia. In 1793, she was equipped as a bomb ship.

On 9 December 1795, part of Gantaume's squadron, Sensible, along with Sardine, captured the 28-gun HMS Nemesis in the neutral port of Smyrna.[1] The French warships entered the harbour in disregard of its neutrality and called on Nemesis to surrender. Murray Maxwell (then a midshipman) was taken prisoner on this occasion.

Sensible was subsequently armed en flûte and used as a transport in the Mediterranean. On 27 June 1798, she was captured by the 38-gun HMS Seahorse.[2] She was subsequently brought into British service as HMS Sensible.[3]

File:Seahorse & Sensible.jpg
Capture of La Sensible on 27 June 1798 by the Frigate Sea Horse

Royal Navy service and loss

On 14 May 1801, HMS Sensible landed troops in bay of Kosseir. On 2 March 1802, as she sailed off Ceylon under Captain Robert Sauce, she was wrecked on a quicksand. The crew was saved, but the ship became a total loss