French ship Duc de Bourgogne (1752)

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File:Lauching Duc de Bourgogne.jpg
Launching of the Duc de Bourgogne
Career (France) French Navy Ensign French Navy Ensign French Navy Ensign
Name: Duc de Bourgogne
Namesake: Duke of Burgundy
Builder: Rochefort
Launched: 1751

Laid down as Brave
renamed Peuple in 1792

Caton in 1794
Fate: Broken up in 1856
General characteristics
Displacement: 1800 tonnes
Length: 53 metres
Beam: 13.4 metres
Draught: 6.4 metres
Propulsion: sail
Sail plan: full rigged
Complement: 840

80 guns
30 36-pound guns
32 18-pound guns

18 8-pound guns

The Duc de Bourgogne was a 80-gun ship of the line of the French Navy.

She was refitted twice, in and 1761 and 1779, having har hull copered.

Under Charles de Ternay, she was the flagship of the expeditionary corps that left on 2 May 1780 for the American war of Independence, and carried the Count of Rochambeau.

She took part in the Battle of the Saintes, where she collided with Bourgogne [1]

In 1792, she was renamed Peuple, and Caton in 1794.

She was eventually broken up in 1800.[2]

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