Golden Grove (ship)

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The Golden Grove was a First Fleet storeship built at Whitby in 1780. Her master was William Sharp, while the Fleet's chaplain Richard Johnson and his wife and servant also travelled to New South Wales on this ship. She left Portsmouth on 13 May 1787, and arrived at Port Jackson, Sydney, Australia, on 26 January 1788. On 2 October 1788 she took twenty-one male and eleven female convicts to Norfolk Island, returning to Port Jackson on 25 October. She left Port Jackson on 19 November 1788, keeping company with the Fishburn until losing sight of her on 11 April 1789 after several days at the Falkland Islands for recovery of crew members who were sick with scurvy. She arrived back in England on 9 June 1789.

A former inner-city suburb of Sydney was named after the ship. This suburb has now been largely subsumed into a small locality, part of Newtown and Camperdown and the name today is carried only by some maps and a street in the area.



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