Golfo Azzurro

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Career Republic of Vanuatu
Name: Golfo Azzurro
Owner: Stichting Golfo Azzurro
Builder: Visser Den Helder
Completed: 1987
Renamed: 2010
Homeport: Stellendam
Identification: IMO number: 8505721
General characteristics
Tonnage: 350
Length: 42.81 metres (140.5 ft)
Beam: 8.5 metres (28 ft)
Draught: 4.42 metres (14.5 ft)
Draft: 3.26 metres (10.7 ft)
Speed: 13 kn



The North Sea Fishing trawler MS Golfo Azzurro was launched in 1987 as the Maarten Cornelis,[3] and was the first trawler in the Netherlands equipped with the EUR sumwing. [4]


As the TX 33 Maarten Cornelis she was used to extensively test the sumwing which caused less soil disturbance than traditional beam trawl because the wing hovers above the ground when fished. It also used less fuel than traditional trawling.

In 2010 the ship was leased by the Golfo Azzurro Foundation who, partnered with the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and using funds from the Brigitte Bardot Foundation used the ship for covert surveillance operations in the Danish Protectorate of the Faroe Islands.[5][6] On August 17 the ship was boarded and searched by the Danish Police and then let go under escort by the Danish Navy. Denmark's Thetis class frigate HDMS Triton (F358) was assigned to monitor their actions.[7]


Not of the vessel herself, but of the HFK Engineering Sumwing system


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