HMHS Llandovery Castle

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File:RMS Llandovery Castle.jpg
Postcard of the Llandovery Castle.

Coordinates: 51°18′00″N 009°54′00″W / 51.3°N 9.9°W / 51.3; -9.9 The Llandovery Castle, built in 1914 in Glasgow as RMS Llandovery Castle for Union Castle Line, was a Canadian hospital ship torpedoed off southern Ireland on 27 June 1918 with the loss of 234 lives.

When the crew took to the lifeboats, U-86 surfaced, ran down all the lifeboats except one, and shot at the people in the water. Only the 24 people in the remaining lifeboat survived. They were rescued shortly afterwards and testified as to what had happened. Among those lost were fourteen nursing sisters from across Canada.

After the war, the captain of U-86, Lieutenant Helmut Patzig, and two of his lieutenants were arraigned for trial on war crimes, but Patzig disappeared, and though the two lieutenants were convicted and sentenced to four years in prison, they both escaped.

File:Victory bonds (Llandovery Castle).jpg
A 1918 Canadian propaganda poster used the sinking of Llandovery Castle as a focal point for selling Victory Bonds.

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