HMS Lightning (1895)

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Career (United Kingdom) RN Ensign
Builder: Palmers
Launched: 10 April 1895
Fate: Sunk off Kentish Knock Lightship 30 June 1915 after striking mine
General characteristics
Class and type: Janus class destroyer
Displacement: 320 long tons (330 t)
Length: 200 feet (61 m)
Beam: 20 feet (6.1 m)
Armament: 1 x 12 pdr
5 x 6 pdr
2 x torpedo tubes

HMS Lightning was a Janus class destroyer of the Royal Navy, built by Palmers and launched in 1895.

On 30 June 1915, the ship was engaged in destroying mines near the Kentish Knock, during which another mine struck the ship. Lightning subsequently broke in half, the bow section sinking, while the stern was towed back to Sheerness. The ship's captain was absolved of any blame but was advised that he "might have considered he was in a mine field having already sighted three mines".


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