HMT Bredon (T223)

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Career (UK) Royal Navy Ensign
Class and type: Hill class naval trawler
Name: HMT Bredon
Ordered: 15 March 1941
Builder: Cook, Welton & Gemmill, Beverley
Laid down: 12 July 1941
Launched: 20 November 1941
Commissioned: 29 April 1942
Fate: Sunk on 8 February 1943
Notes: Pennant number: T223
General characteristics
Displacement: 750 tonnes (1,005 tonnes deep)
Length: 155 ft (47 m)
Draught: 12 ft (3.7 m)
Propulsion: One 1-SE Cylindrical Boiler
Complement: 37

His Majesty's Trawler Bredon (Pennant Number T223) was a Hill class naval trawler that served as an anti-submarine escort trawler during the Second World War.

She was sunk by U-521 on 8 February 1943 while off the Canary Islands. All but 2 of her complement of 43 were lost.


Coordinates: 29°49′N 14°5′W / 29.817°N 14.083°W / 29.817; -14.083