HS Marechiaro

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Career (Italy) War Ensign of Italy
Name: Marechiaro
Operator: Italian Navy
Launched: 1912
Fate: Hit a mine from the U-boat UC-12 on February 21, 1916.
General characteristics
Tonnage: 412 [1]
Length: 173 feet (53 m) [1]

Italian hospital ship Marechiaro was a steam ship originally built by an Italian shipping company, but requisitioned for use as an Italian hospital ship during the First World War. On February 21, 1916 she was sunk by a mine laid by the German U-boat UC-12.[2]


During the war U-boat UC-12 operated as a minelayer, and undertook 7 patrols in this role. Mines laid by UC-12 were credited with sinking 6 ships. One of these, the Italian Marechiaro sunk on 21 February 1916, was listed as a hospital ship and sank with over 200 casualties. Since Germany was not at war with Italy at this stage, though Austria was, UC 12, like other German U-boats in the Mediterranean, operated under the Austrian flag.

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