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Current Specifications
Crew 3
Type Monohull
LOH 12 feet 8 inches (3.86 m)
Beam 6 feet (1.8 m)
Main & Jib area 160 square feet (15 m2)
Designer Alf (Unc) Harvey
Location Wellington, New Zealand

Idle-Along (IA) - is a class of sailing dinghy (or small centreboard yacht) designed by Alf (Unc) Harvey at Worser Bay (Wellington, NZ) in the 1920s. It grew to considerable popularity in the 1950s but its popularity gradually diminished during the 1960s. A redesigned hull for plywood construction by John Spencer kept the class going but on a smaller scale with a small revival in the 1990s with about 10 new boats being built.

The premium annual trophy for the Idle-Along was the Moffat Cup - which was first sailed for in 1936. Competition was discontinued in 1969 but is being revived in 2010 with the support of John Grace of the WYA.

The IA is 12 foot 8 inches long plus bow sprit and 6-foot (1.8 m) in the beam and carries 150 sq ft (13.9 m2) of sail plus spinnaker.

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Further reading

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Note: The Idle-Along is also sometimes referred to as IdleAlong, Idle Along, IA, I Class and Idie.