Italian cruiser Giuseppe Garibaldi (1899)

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Giuseppe Garibaldi was the lead ship of her class of cruisers for Italy's Regia Marina. The ship was launched on 29 June 1899 and served the Regia Marina until she was sunk by torpedoes from Austro-Hungarian Navy submarine Template:SMU on 18 July 1915, with loss of 57 lives.

Garibaldi's wreck is located 5 nautical miles from Konavoske stijene, south-east of Dubrovnik, Croatia, at the depth of 122 metres (400 ft). The wreck was explored and filmed in August 2009 by a Croatian diving expedition consisting of CCR (Closed Circuit Rebreather) divers and later in November 2009 by an international team of underwater archeologists.


it:Giuseppe Garibaldi (incrociatore 1899)