Jan Herman Linge

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Jan Herman Linge
Born January 28, 1922(1922-01-28)
Oslo, Norway
Died June 25, 2007 (aged 85)
Residence  Norway

Jan Herman Linge (January 28, 1922 in Oslo, Norway – June 25, 2007[1]) was a Norwegian engineer and boat designer. He was the son of Martin Linge, known for his war effort in Kompani Linge.

Early life and career

Linge was born in Oslo in 1922. He was a member of the merchant navy for two years before undertaking a naval architecture course while financing his studies by working in a shipyard.[2]

During World War II, he joined the Norwegian resistance and was trained as a saboteur in the United Kingdom. He was captured on a mission and spent some time in a German prison camp.[1] Linge completed his studies in 1949.[citation needed]

Design work

Linge was an engineer from 1949 to 1956 in Westermoen Båtbyggeri og Mek Verksted, and was responsible for the design of the Tjeld class patrol boat.[citation needed]

He later started his own boat design house, Jan H. Linge A/S, and has designed many recreational vessel for companies like Draco, Fjord and Windy.[citation needed]

Sail boats

He was also a very active designer of sail boats. The Soling was selected as Olympic class in 1968, and participated in 8 Olympic games. The Yngling became an international class in 1979, and an Olympic class in the Athens Olympics in 2004.[1]

The designs by Linge are known by the "ling" suffix, such as Brisling, Firling, Fjordling, Gambling 34, Lærling, Mekling, Smiling, Wesling and Willing.

A total of about 10,000 motor vessels and 10,000 sailing vessels of Linge design has been built. [citation needed]


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